It is currently 11:00pm on a Sunday night and I am still yet to finish the Restating of my Income Statement. This is a very rough draft as I have had an extremely busy few weeks if you can’t tell by how late I am at completing these tasks. Although I am super late to the party I would really appreciate some feedback on what I have completed!

Thank you in advance! 🙂

Castings PLC Spreadsheet

ASS#2 3&4

Top 3 Blogs!

Choosing three blogs was extremely hard but below are my three favourite blogs!

  1. Wendy Kon

My favourite blog would have to be Wendy’s as it is easy to navigate, written really well which makes you want to continue reading. All of her posts are relevant, well written and relatable. Wendy’s blog makes you feel as though you are not alone in this subject and there is someone else who feels the same way.

  1. Tegan Johnston

My second favourite blog would have to be Tegan’s as it looks very professional, it is easy to navigate and all of her posts also seem to be very relatable. Just like Wendy’s blog Tegan’s makes me feel as though I’m not alone throughout this subject.

  1. Natasha Boath

My third favourite blog would have to be Natasha’s, probably because her cover photo is a beautiful cat and I absolutely adore cats. However, I also like the simplicity of Natasha’s blog, so basic but so easy to navigate and understand and the black and white theme really suits.


Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 12.29.00 pm

Castings P.L.C is the company I have been assigned for Assignment 1. Castings P.L.C. is a market leading UK iron casting and machining group.

Castings P.L.C is an established iron casting and machining group that designs and manufactures ductile iron castings and machines based in the UK. They supply eighty percent of production to markets around the world and eighty percent of production is supplied directly to multinational constructors of commercial vehicles and cars.

The Castings P.L.C group is made up of three autonomous manufacturing sites. All three companies retain their individual identities but pool resources to ensure lowest cost production of both raw and finished parts.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about my company!

The Journey Begins



My name is Ashleigh Neal. I am currently living in Cairns, Far North Queensland. I work as a Full-time Medical Receptionist at a Radiology Practice. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management Full-time via Distance Education.

I enjoy eating out, movies, weekends away, spending time with family and heading out to Fitzroy Island in our family boat. (Photo attached)

Working and studying full time will be a challenge however I have found that I have been able to manage my time well so far. I am lucky to have a job where my hours are staggered which allows me time to fit in my studies.

My future long-term goal is to become a Human Resource Manager within the medical sector.

Thank you.